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Resilience Luxe Wellness Retreat

Wellness is a lifestyle.

Resilience Luxe Wellness Retreat
Resilience Luxe Wellness Retreat

Dates & Location

April 22 - 25, 2024

Private Estate, Fountain Hills, AZ

Retreat Detail

Awaken your spirit through the Resilience Luxe Wellness Retreat, our new signature wellness experience.  This exclusive retreat is a journey of restoration for leaders of discriminating tastes who prefer upscale private surroundings.   Each retreat is held at a private estate shared only among registered attendees. Inspired and led by integrated wellness practitioner and author, VKnox.

The Resilience Luxe Wellness Retreat is for the distinguished leader who:

  • Forges through adversity with minimal support
  • Overcomes traumatic experiences but harbors the impact
  • Trailblazes their own way even if it's unpopular
  • Maintains consistently high stress levels

If this sound familiar, you are exuding resilience, however, it’s a double-edge sword. Resilience also numbs us to factors that affect mental and physical health. In this part of your human journey, take a brief pause. Engulf yourself in a supportive setting grounded in wellness and nourishing for the soul. Connect with like minds in a private, nonjudgmental space and embrace the holistic energy of nature.

The agenda is a balance of unstructured time for deep rest, relaxation, and reflection, complemented by holistic wellness experiences and practices. Guests are encouraged, but not required, to engage in all offerings.  Enjoy any area you feel drawn to on the estate during down time including swimming, star or mountain gazing from the balcony, shooting pool or walking the two-acre premises. Group sessions are minimal but relevant and support the overall experience.  This is not a conference or meeting with talking heads, but an invitation to make yourself a priority and revitalize your whole being with guidance nearby.  

Groups are intentionally capped at 10 leaders for a healthy balance of socialness, privacy, and exclusivity.  Awaken your spirit and experience powerful forms of healing through the Resilience Luxe Wellness Retreat.

Attendee Capacity: 10 persons


  • Spiritual and mental clarity
  • Calm atmosphere
  • Body and mind recalibration
  • Lower cortisol (stress hormone) & blood pressure
  • Improve sleep quality & reduce fatigue 
  • Develop lasting friendships
  • Trauma release
  • Self-care practices to integrate into daily life

What's Offered:

Not included: flights, local resident travel to/from the retreat, travel insurance



Registration Only:  includes "What's Offered"  list above, no overnight housing accomodations. Registration Only guests make their own housing arrangements and provide their own ground transportation to and from the estate. May include transportation to experiences pending availabiliy. 

SOLD OUT All-Inclusive:  includes "What's Offered" list above plus overnight housing accomodations (single suite with one king/queen/full size bed) and transportation to experiences. Transportation to Arizona or to the estate from the airport is not included but may be arranged.  

No onsite transactions.

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