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Three Keys to Detox Your Life

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Detox is the buzz word in the health and wellness industry right now.  When you hear the word detox, you might think of a colon cleanse product or glass of green juice, followed by a reluctance to try it.  Can’t say I blame you because I was indeed one who thought that I could not stomach a green juice and if I couldn’t have what I thought was a balanced meal of meat, starch and vegetable– ironically called the Standard American Diet or S.A.D. – I didn’t want it.

However, at nearly 200 pounds and just over five feet, with several health challenges and afraid that I’d stop breathing in my sleep at night, I was open to a radical change in my life. The greatest answers were not in a cup but in my mind and spirit and the body followed.  I created a R.A.W. Life (Really Awesome Way) by detoxing my life.  If you are at a crossroads about detoxing and need inspiration beyond juice concoctions, keep reading.

The Incredible Egg

  1. Sprit (yoke)–  inner,  most intimate life form, driving force; part that communes with your Higher Power

  2. Soul/Mind (white) – where the memory, conscience, will, and emotions reside; between the spirit and body

  3. Body (shell) – outer, most visible part that everyone can see; responds to the five senses,  houses the spirit and soul/mind

Now that we have some general idea of our various parts, we can go a further into detoxing from the core of our being, starting from the inside and working outward.  When all three parts are out of sync, we develop illness, sickness and “dis” ease.  Generally people focus on just one or two aspects and soon fall off course because one piece alone isn’t enough to keep it going.  In order to detox your life and make a lifestyle change, all three parts must be actively involved in the process.  Let’s start from the inside, shall we?

1.  Listen to the Spirit Within


This will help weed out unnecessary noise that does not align with your values and priorities which should ultimately point to your life’s purpose.  Detox your spirit by meditating, praying, cultivating a relationship with your Higher Power (not just religion).  Learn what you’re gifted at doing and follow that path.  Doing what you are called or gifted to do brings great joy, contentment and happiness into your life.  Ever notice when there’s too much on your plate, you feel scattered and out of sync?  Your life’s activities should be like a symphony, not a lot of tinkering noise without harmony.   Plus, everyone benefits when you use your gifts and stay in your lane, including you!

2. Feed Your Soul