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My Life's Journal

My Life's Journal

My Life’s Journal is a chronological record of your life in an editable, digital format. The thought-provoking questions and prompts are organized into chapters based on your life stages.  


Begin your story by filling in the genealogical family tree, then answer questions about childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood; education, careers, relationships, and marriage; beliefs, traditions, and other aspects you want to share.


Once completed, My Life’s Journal becomes a keepsake of important recollections and life lessons that easily convert into a personal biography to share with future generations.



  • Digital Product

    My Life's Journal is in digital format making it more private and accessible than a paper/pen written journal.  Customize My Life’s Journal by adding pages, creating volumes, changing fonts, templates, color schemes, or modifying questions. Upload optional photos, audio clips, videos and more. Save to the cloud and/or computer.

  • File Format

    PowerPoint software recommended for optimum editing.  Can be saved as PDF-edit  document.

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