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Appointments with VKnox include:​

  • Condition Discussion

  • Advice and Holistic Options

  • Discuss Lab Results* and Protocols

  • Prescribe Medical Grade Supplements

  • Provide Reassurance


*Lab work must be provided prior to call if relative to the appointment

The "know-how" you need.

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Access to quality care is at your fingertips from the convenience and safety of home. With Telehealth, VKnox meets via virtual appointment using audio and video.  During your appointment, we will discuss your specific concerns and possible next steps to get closer to your health and wellness goal. Depending on the visit, we may be able to add medical grade supplements to support your progress.   Telehealth visits and  are paid directly by the client prior to appointment. 

How to join your scheduled Telehealth appointment:


1. Prior to the appointment, clients receive a link for the Telehealth appointment from VKnox Life

2.  Preferably, join from a laptop or desktop with a webcam installed on it. If not, join with your phone, preferably on a home network connection to enable a smooth video

3. Find a quiet space, if possible

4. Click on the link in your email or copy it into your browser 

5. Enter your name at the prompt


6. Your Telehealth visit begins when VKnox joins

7. If you are in the “virtual computer waiting room” for more than 15 minutes, and nothing has happened, please disconnect and call the office for further instructions.

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