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The results of us working together include a radical improvement of your self-confidence, crystal clear clarity on what path is best aligned for you, and the satisfaction of being an action-taker living your vision.

My clients are professionals, business owners, and trailblazers, people who aren’t afraid to pave their own path. Is that you? If so you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to help.

My private coaching packages are the most intimate and personal way to work with me. Because of this spaces are limited.


"Victoria! I followed the probiotic protocol you gave me when my husband and I went to England and Croatia last month. I did not get sick, not even jet lag, nothing! I rested well, too! That was totally unusual for me and I travel international often. I will follow this probably for the rest of my life!"



Thank you for the allergy protocol!  I have struggled with my sinuses a long time. I got the tinctures the day you told me and the next day my head was clear!!! I could not believe it! I canceled my doctor's appointment! Next you are going to help me get rid of my tummy!"




These are a 42....waaaay too big now! This is one reason I wanted to relocate - junk and fast food everywhere. Wasn't helping me at all.   Now in my new home, I am back on track with my healthy lifestyle. Thank you for making this possible and coaching me through each step!


I encourage all the women in my network that's truly ready for transition to order My Secret Transformation: How I Detoxed My Life & Reinvented Myself!

I love this book!! The more I read, the better I eat, the more I move, the more I understand what being overweight is really about!


My family is eating healthy, I lost 10 pounds and my blood pressure is down! Extremely PRICELESS teachings by a great nutritionist, Victoria Knox!

I've been challenged with Morbid Obesity, Rheumatoid Arthritis an a couple other issues for a few years...I live in a multi-unit building and though I'm on the 1st floor, I travel in/out and about with the assistance of a PowerChair so I haven't "walked" out to my mailbox in over two years and today I did!  Yay for Me! I'm so Excited!

What I appreciate about working with Coach Knox is that she individualizes a protocol for each of her clients with an approach and plan of action that is specific to their healing needs, it's not cookie cutter like some programs. She's thorough in her questions and concerns. She's professional in her practice and quite knowledgeable in experience and resources.  She responds quickly and timely, and is very informative in the field of Wellness.

She has the heart and experience in this area of expertise. I'm looking forward to this next part of my journey.  Thank you, Coach Knox, I Appreciate You.



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