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Self-Prioritizing the R.A.W. Way

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

After releasing 50 pound and changing my health, the question most people have who knew me fore transformation is “How did you do it?  Struggling most of the life with  weight management and health challenges, I created a life I love through a R.A.W. or R.A.W. (Really Awesome Way) Lifestyle™  The R.A.W.™ life consists of six pillars:

1. Self-Prioritization 2. Cleanse 3. Diet 4. Supplements 5. Environment 6. Exercise

What began as a spiritual connection and fasting journey became a new way to live that helped me me shed pounds of weight, literally!  Now I assist others who want to do the same.  It is my calling, passion and life’s work.

R.A.W.™ means really awesome way to live!  To be raw, relative to food or lifestyle, means to have power, endurance, unadulterated and essential vitality.  Everyone reading this blog can live R.A.W.™!

Values & Priorities


An essential aspect of the R.A.W.™ life is aligning daily activity with the values and priorities most important to us.  Whatever you value most should receive your time and energy.  When values and priorities are clear, decision-making is easier.  This can simplify, calm and bring clarity to your life.

If you truly value your health, for example, your daily activities should support this value. In other word, you must have some non-negotiable standards that are based on your values and priorities.  This is how you get started with the R.A.W. transformation process.

Determine YOUR values and priorities:

  1. Values – beliefs that are of utmost importance to you (i.e., healthier lifestyle)

  2. Priorities – actions that support your belief; how you express your values (i.e., cut back on fast foods)

Our values and priorities are varied and as unique as the people reading this blog, but having them in place has a universal outcome; to create a life of balance and internal peace based on what’s most important to us.

Be Intentional


Imagine what life would be like if every action was intentional toward your values and priorities.  If you were no longer operating on autopilot, but every single action was a conscious decision based on your values and priorities.  It may sound impossible or euphoric, maybe even selfish, but I guarantee that it is extremely liberating!

Transformation Tip

Before embarking upon the next challenge or task, and every action hereafter, ask yourself:

“Will {this action} help or hinder me?  Does it align with my values and is it a priority?”  

For example, if you are about to make an unhealthy or questionable choice, ask yourself these questions and answer honestly.  If it aligns, do more of it.  If not, move toward eliminating it from your life.

Setting values and priorities that resonate with your inner being are the base for transformation and maintaining a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.

BONUS TIP:  Connect with other like-minded people that share similar goals so you can be inspired and supported in your decisions.


VKNOX is a holistic nutrition wellness practitioner, behavior change specialist, fitness nutrition educator, lifestyle transformation coach and author. She is the creator of the R.A.W. Lifestyle System.

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